Scidioma was born from a love of science and language. Spanish was always an important part of the education of founder/CEO Laine Stewart, but after college, this passion took a backseat to the pursuit of a career in chemistry. After a M.S. in Organic Chemistry and years working in R&D for a scientific equipment company, she found herself in a new position where she provided technical support and training for people all around the world, with a focus on Latin America. In this new position, she found she had to construct an entirely new scientific vocabulary beyond what she had learned in the past.

After spending a lot of time searching for this information from many sources, Laine realized that she wanted to create the curated scientific dictionary that she searched for in vain. Scidioma exists to help other scientists in their search for the same information, curating it in one centralized resource. Whether you’re an academic looking to collaborate or a company expanding into Latin America, we are here to provide the linguistic resources you need to succeed!

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